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Removed IS_PYTHON_3 define from buildflags (should be included using pgcompat.h only).
Fixed minor issue in registry key for VCToolkit2003.
Fixed missing vorbisenc.dll.

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   freetype.Font.get_metrics (text, ptsize, FT_GLYPH_XXX)
 * Mark methods, which are limited to certain bpp ranges.
 * Add doc notes about quit() behaviour of the various modules.
+* add pgcompat.h to *mod.h internal headers.
 Things to ADD:
 # name, File regex, Dependency list of file root names
 libraries = [
     ('SDL', r'(lib){0,1}SDL\.dll$', []),
-    ('SDL_mixer', r'(lib){0,1}SDL_mixer\.dll$', ['SDL', 'vorbisfile', 'smpeg']),
+    ('SDL_mixer', r'(lib){0,1}SDL_mixer\.dll$', ['SDL', 'vorbisenc', 'vorbisfile', 'smpeg']),
     ('SDL_image', r'(lib){0,1}SDL_image\.dll$', ['SDL', 'jpeg', 'png', 'tiff']),
     ('SDL_ttf', r'(lib){0,1}SDL_ttf\.dll$', ['SDL', 'z', 'freetype']),
     ('SDL_gfx', r'(lib){0,1}SDL_gfx\.dll$', ['SDL']),
     ('freetype', r'(lib){0,1}freetype(-6){0,1}\.dll$', []),
+    ('vorbisenc', r'(lib){0,1}vorbisenc(-3){0,1}\.dll$', ['vorbis']),
     ('vorbisfile', r'(lib){0,1}vorbisfile(-3){0,1}\.dll$', ['vorbis']),
     ('vorbis', r'(lib){0,1}vorbis(-0){0,1}\.dll$', ['ogg']),
     ('ogg', r'(lib){0,1}ogg(-0){0,1}\.dll$', []),
 * *MAJOR* should be increased, whenever outstanding additions or changes to the
   API were made, which legitimate it.
+Why is that *MINOR*/*BUGFIX* diversion important? Pygame2 is basically some
+sort of library. As such, people can write software with it while not
+necessarily including the library code (Pygame2 itself). So what happens, if a
+user has some version installed, where certain API interfaces changed and behave
+differently from the version, the developer worked with? The program is most
+likely to fail and the user will blame either the developer or the library.
+With a consistent versioning scheme, developers can test against versions
+explicitly to guarantee the functionality with those. User can receive an
+explicit notice, if their installed version might be incompatible and react
+upon that accordingly.
 How does that look like in practice? ::
   Event/Action                     Version number
     if buildsystem == "darwin":
         os.environ["CFLAGS"] += " -arch i386 -arch ppc"
-    if helpers.getversion() >= (3, 0):
-        os.environ["CFLAGS"] += " -DIS_PYTHON_3"
     packages = [ "pygame2",


-"Path Dirs"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\\bin;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Platform SDK \\bin"
+"Path Dirs"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\\bin;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Platform SDK\\bin"
 "Library Dirs"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\\lib;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Platform SDK\\Lib;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\\Vc7\\lib"
 "Include Dirs"="C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\\include;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Platform SDK\\Include"