Lenard Lindstrom avatar Lenard Lindstrom committed ea51ee9

minor fixes for symbian merge

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-    colordict = PyImport_ImportModule (MODPREFIX "colordict");
+    colordict = PyImport_ImportModule (IMPPREFIX "colordict");
     if (colordict)
         PyObject *_dict = PyModule_GetDict (colordict);
     dict = PyModule_GetDict (module);
     /* add the event module functions if available */
-    eventmodule = PyImport_ImportModule (IMPPREFIX "pygame.event");
+    eventmodule = PyImport_ImportModule (IMPPREFIX "event");
     if (eventmodule)
         char *NAMES[] = {"Event", "event_name", NULL};
 #if PY3
     PyObject *oname, *odecoded = NULL;
-#if PY3
-    PyObject *oname, *odecoded = NULL;
     char* name = NULL;
     SDL_Surface* surf;
     SDL_RWops *rw;
-#ifdef __SYMBIAN32__ && PY_MAJOR_VERSION == 2 && PY_MINOR_VERSION == 2
+#if defined(__SYMBIAN32__) && PY_MAJOR_VERSION == 2 && PY_MINOR_VERSION == 2
 // These are missing from Python 2.2
 #ifndef Py_RETURN_NONE
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