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sprite.RenderUpdate fix

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 # BREAK = change breaks existing code
 # BUG	= fixed a bug that was (or could have been) crashing
+October 1, 2002
+	sprite.RenderGroups wasn't clearing killed sprites after draw()
 September 3, 2002
 	passing None as the end time to plays to cd end
 	added pygame.vernum, a tuple of python version values
         surface_blit = surface.blit
         for s in spritedict.keys():
             spritedict[s] = surface_blit(s.image, s.rect)
+        self.lostsprites = []
     def clear(self, surface, bgd):
         """clear(surface, bgd)
            erase the previous position of all sprites
                 surface_blit(bgd, r, r)
             for r in self.spritedict.values():
                 if r is not 0: surface_blit(bgd, r, r)
-        self.lostsprites = []
 class RenderUpdates(RenderClear):
     /*DOC*/ static char doc_Event[] =
-    /*DOC*/    "pygame.event.Event(type, dict, [keyword_args]) -> Event\n"
+    /*DOC*/    "pygame.event.Event(type, [dict], [keyword_args]) -> Event\n"
     /*DOC*/    "create new event object\n"
     /*DOC*/    "\n"
     /*DOC*/    "Creates a new event object. The type should be one of SDL's\n"