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Diff from to


     return _SDL_Init(flags)
-SDL_InitSubSystem = SDL.dll.function('SDL_InitSubSystem',
+_SDL_InitSubSystem = SDL.dll.private_function('SDL_InitSubSystem',
+    arg_types=[ctypes.c_uint],
+    return_type=ctypes.c_int)
+def SDL_InitSubSystem(flags):
     '''Initialize specific SDL subsystems.
     :rtype: int
     :return: undocumented (FIXME)
     :see: `SDL_Init`, `SDL_QuitSubSystem`
-    ''',
-    args=['flags'],
-    arg_types=[ctypes.c_uint],
-    return_type=ctypes.c_int)
+    '''
+    if sys.platform == 'darwin' and flags & SDL_INIT_VIDEO:
+        import SDL.darwin
+        SDL.darwin.init()
+    return _SDL_InitSubSystem(flags)
 SDL_QuitSubSystem = SDL.dll.function('SDL_QuitSubSystem',
     '''Clean up specific SDL subsystems.
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