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 C Modules
 Create an new directory under src, using the name of the module you
-would like to create (see below, "Module naming"). All source files
+would like to create (see below, :ref:`cmodulenaming`). All source files
 related to your module should go into that directory (and stay there!).
 You should use the Python 2.5 and 3.1 API for programming. In order to
 support Python 2.4, include the "pgcompat.h" header file, where
+.. _cmodulenaming:
 C Module Naming
 In case the module is a wrapper around an existing library, the module's
 DOCFILE.xml is the name of the documentation file to use, which is located
 under doc/src (see below, :ref:`documenting`).
-Each entry in the DEPENDENCYx list represents an external library reference
+Each entry in the DEPENDENCY list represents an external library reference
 which must be linked with the module. The names of these libraries can be
 found/modified in the config.config_modules file.
+.. note::
+   If the module is not fully implemented yet or in an unstable or untested
+   form, mark it as experimental, so that it will not be built and included
+   in default releases, but only in SCM-based builds.
+   To do this, simply add the ``experimental=True`` parameter to the ``Module``
+   constructor.
 Example: ::
   Module ("myownlib",[ "src/myownlib/myownlibmod.c", "src/myownlib/myclass.c" ],
   | IS_MSYS   | (Win32) Msys build with GCC            |
-  | IS_DARWIN | MacOS X and Darin-based platforms      |
+  | IS_DARWIN | MacOS X and Darwin-based platforms     |
   | IS_UNIX   | Any other build platform that          |
   |           | successfully passes the preparations   |