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       <a href="ref/display.html">Display</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/draw.html">Draw</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/event.html">Event</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
+      <a href="ref/examples.html">Examples</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/font.html">Font</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
+      <a href="ref/gfxdraw.html">Gfxdraw</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/image.html">Image</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/joystick.html">Joystick</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
       <a href="ref/key.html">Key</a>&nbsp;||&nbsp;
 examines some of the simple effects from the Pygame example,</dd>
+<dt><a href="tut/camera/CameraIntro.html">Camera Module Introduction</a>
+</dt><dd>Pygame, as of 1.9, has a camera module that allows you to capture
+images, watch live streams, and do some basic computer vision. This tutorial
+covers those use cases.</dd>
 <dt><a href="tut/newbieguide.html">Newbie Guide</a></dt><dd> A list of
 thirteen helpful tips for people to get comfortable using Pygame.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/display.html">Display</a></dt><dd> Configuring the display surface.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/draw.html">Draw</a></dt><dd> Drawing simple shapes like lines and ellipses to surfaces.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/event.html">Event</a></dt><dd> Manage the incoming events from various input devices and the windowing platform.</dd>
+  <dt><a href="ref/examples.html">Examples</a></dt><dd> Various programs demonstrating the use of individual pygame modules.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/font.html">Font</a></dt><dd> Loading and rendering Truetype fonts.</dd>
+  <dt><a href="ref/gfxdraw.html">Gfxdraw</a></dt><dd> Anti-aliasing draw functions.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/image.html">Image</a></dt><dd> Loading, saving, and transferring of surfaces.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/joystick.html">Joystick</a></dt><dd> Manage the joystick devices.</dd>
   <dt><a href="ref/key.html">Key</a></dt><dd> Manage the keyboard device.</dd>
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