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 brief rundown of what you get. The source code for these examples
 is in the public domain. Feel free to use for your own projects. - This was added for pygame-1.5. It is a more complete
+    game, similar to breakout. Derived from the pygame chimp example
+    it shows how to do menu screens and a more complete game. - This started off as a port of the SDL demonstration,
     Aliens. Now it has evolved into something sort of resembling - A simple starfield example. You can change the center of
     perspective by leftclicking the mouse on the screen. - Given a .ZIP file, this will cycle through the
-    images found in the file. Press the keyboard or mouse to 
-    cycle to the next image. If no zipfile is passed on the command
-    line, it will pick one from the current directory. A great
-    demenstration if you want to keep all your resources inside a
-    single zip archive. Note, this will only load the types of
-    images that you have enabled in SDL_Image, there's a chance
-    you won't see the included JPEG's
- - Super quick, super simple application demonstrating
     the different ways to render fonts with the font module
 data/ - directory with the resources for the examples - zipfile with unofficial sdl logos