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+Pygame Installation
+Python can be built from source, but the easiest way is to get a
+binary package for your type of system and version of Python. This
+document will give you information on either type of installation.
+Windows Binary Installer
+This is probably the most popular method of installation. If you are
+running on windows, it is highly recommended you use this form of
+installing. The installers come with with nearly everything you need,
+and have an easy point and click installers.
+The first thing you will need is an installation of Python. Python
+binary installers make it easy to get this done. Pygame binaries
+usually come for the latest 2 releases of Python, so you'll want to be
+fairly up to date.
+Once that is in place, you want to download the appropriate windows
+binary. From the pygame downloads page you can find the .EXE file you
+need. This will automatically install all of pygame and all the SDL
+dependencies. The windows binaries have filenames like this;
+This would be the installer for pygame version 1.8.0, for Python
+version 2.5. You shouldn't have trouble finding the correct binary
+from the "Windows" section of the download page.
+You will also probably want to install the windows documentation and
+installation package. This will add easy links to the different
+documentation and games that come with pygame. The installer for this
+is found next to the other windows binary downloads. The filename
+looks like this; "pygame-docs-1.8.0.exe". And this would install the
+documentation and examples for pygame-1.8.0
+One other thing the windows binaries are missing is the Numeric or
+numpy Python packages. You can easily install this separately and it
+will allow you to use the pygame "surfarray" module. This module is
+optional, so there is no need to do this. A Numeric for Windows python
+2.5 can be found on the download page:
+http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml. There are older binary
+installers from the Numeric download page.
+PixelArray, which is built into pygame 1.8+, and is usually quite a
+lot faster is the recommended array implementation to use. Numpy is
+newer than Numeric, however both are not entirely compatible.
+Unix Binary Packages
+For many unix systems, the easiest way to install pygame is from
+source. Still, there are binary packages available for different
+There are several binary RPM packages for linux machines. These are
+actually a little bit of work to install, since you will also need
+several RPM packages for the dependencies. There is a good chance your
+linux distribution came with the needed dependencies (like Python and
+SDL). There are binary RPMs available from the website for each
+For debian systems, pygame is actively maintained in the debian
+archives. Visit the debian pygame page for more information.
+FreeBSD also has an active pygame package. While techinicaly it isn't
+binary, it is automatically built and installed by the ports manager.
+See the FreeBSD package page for more information.
+Gentoo has a builtin package for pygame. This is compiled for your
+system as it installs, similar to BSD,
+Mac OS X Binaries
+For Mac OS X 10.3 and above, binary packages are available from
+This package includes almost of the dependencies required for pygame
+(SDL, SDL_image, etc.), but you need PyObjC 1.2 or later, and may also
+want to get Numeric, numpy and PyOpenGL. A PyObjC 1.4 installer is
+also made available on the download page.
+If you want to use the Apple system python, you will need to compile
+from source at this time - since most people prefer to leave the
+system python alone, and use the python downloaded from python.org.
+See http://pygame.org/wiki/MacCompile for current instructions for
+compiling from source on Mac OSX.
+pygame is also available from the fink, and macports distributions.
+To build self-contained pygame applications, you should use py2app.
+There is an example in:
+Installing From Source
+Compiling and installing pygame is handled by Python's distutils.
+Pygame also comes with some scripts to automatically configure the
+flags needed to build pygame. Use the "setup.py" script to start the
+The first time you run the setup script, it will call the "config.py"
+script. This will build a "Setup" file which stores all the
+information needed to compile. The "config.py" will do a good job of
+detecting what dependencies are available and where they are located.
+If it isn't perfect, it is easy to build your own, or edit the created
+"Setup" text file. This "Setup" file is a simple Makefile-like text
+file. It defines variables needed to use each dependency, and then
+enables all the pygame modules with found dependencies. If you have
+trouble compiling, you should be able to easily fix any problems
+inside the "Setup" file.
+Running the "setup.py" script will call distutils to build and install
+the pygame package. Distutils actually supports a wide variety of
+compile and install options. running "python setup.py help" will start
+to show you the different options available. You can change many
+things like install locations, compiler to use, and more. Calling the
+"setup.py" script with no arguments and it will just ask you if you
+want the default flags needed to compile and install.
+Windows Compiling Info
+You can compile pygame on windows with mingw (gcc for windows) and
+also with visual studio. Up to date details can be found here:
+Unix Compiling Info
+Compiling from linux shouldn't give you any problems. One thing you
+must keep in mind is that most linux RPM packages separate the actual
+library from the "dev" files needed to compile. To build you will need
+to make sure the packages like "SDL-dev" are installed.
+You can check to see if SDL is ready to be built from by running the
+command sdl-config and seeing if it is found. If the sdl-config script
+is not on the path (or you have more than one?) Set the environment
+variable SDL_CONFIG to its location.
+Sometimes you will have the SDL libraries installed in once location,
+and the other SDL libraries in another. This tricks the pygame config
+scripts, but you can help it out by setting the environment LOCALBASE
+to a path prefix where the other libraries are. The common case for
+this is SDL installed in /usr and other SDL libs installed in
+/usr/local. The command for this situation is "LOCALBASE=/usr/local
+python setup.py install".
+Mac OS X Compiling Info
+Up to date instructions for compiling on Mac OS X can be found here: