pygame /

Diff from to
 import subprocess
 import re
 import glob
-import _winreg
+    import _winreg
+except ImportError:
+    import winreg as _winreg
+# For Python 2.x/3.x compatibility
+def geterror():
+    return sys.exc_info()[1]
 FSTAB_REGEX = (r'^[ \t]*(?P<path>'
         dir_path = os.path.abspath(dir_path)
             return find_msys_version_subdir(dir_path)
-        except MsysException, e:
-            msys_print(e)
+        except MsysException:
+            msys_print(geterror())
 def find_msys_registry():
     """Return the MSYS 1.0 directory path stored in the Windows registry
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