pygame / src / pgCollision.c

Diff from to


 static int _LiangBarskey_Internal(double p, double q, double* u1, double* u2);
 static void _UpdateV(PyJointObject* joint, double step);
-static void _UpdateP(PyJointObject* joint, double step);
 static void _ContactDestroy(PyJointObject* contact);
 static PyObject* _ContactNewInternal(PyTypeObject *type, PyObject *args,
     PyObject *kwds);
- * This function is isolated and only hold the place
- */
-static void _UpdateP(PyJointObject* joint, double step)
 int Collision_LiangBarskey(AABBBox* box, PyVector2* p1, PyVector2* p2, 
     PyVector2* ans_p1, PyVector2* ans_p2)
     contact = (PyContact*)_ContactNewInternal(&PyContact_Type, NULL, NULL);
     contact->joint.body1 = (PyObject*)refBody;
     contact->joint.body2 = (PyObject*)incidBody;
-    contact->joint.SolveConstraintPosition = _UpdateP;
-    contact->joint.SolveConstraintVelocity = _UpdateV;
+    contact->joint.SolveConstraints = _UpdateV;
     contact->joint.Destroy = _ContactDestroy;
     contact->ppAccMoment = NULL;
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