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File test/test_utils/

            Pygame tests
     python - the path to a python executable to run subprocessed tests
              (default sys.executable)
+    interative - allow tests tagged 'interative'.
     Return value:
     A tuple of total number of tests run, dictionary of error information. The
     option_fake = options.pop('fake', None)
     option_python = options.pop('python', sys.executable)
     option_exclude = options.pop('exclude', ())
+    option_interactive = options.pop('interactive', False)
-    if 'interactive' not in option_exclude:
+    if not option_interactive and 'interactive' not in option_exclude:
         option_exclude += ('interactive',)
     if not option_nosubprocess and 'subprocess_ignore' not in option_exclude:
         option_exclude += ('subprocess_ignore',)