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pygame / trackmod / __init__.py

The branch 'trackmod' does not exist.
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File trackmod/__init__.py

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-def begin(repfile=None, pattern=None, continuous=False):
+def begin(repfile=None,
+          pattern=None,
+          continuous=False,
+          submodule_accesses=True):
     """Start collecting import and module access information
     repfile (default no file) is the destination for an
     recording should stop with the first access or be continuous. Set False
     to stop after the first access, True for continuous recording.
+    submodule_accesses (default True) indicates whether submodules imports
+    are to be included as an access on the containing package.
     global installed, collecting
         collecting = True
     if continuous:
-    importer.begin(pattern)
+    importer.begin(pattern, submodule_accesses)
 def end():
     global collecting