pygame / src / surface_fill.c

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Lenard Lindstrom avatarLenard Lindstrom
fix per-pixel alpha bug involving pixel unpacking
Lenard Lindstrom avatarLenard Lindstrom
BLEND_RGBA_xxx and more BLEND_xxx tests; related bug fixes
Lenard Lindstrom avatarLenard Lindstrom
Fixes an Surface.fill BLEND bug where a surface locked for filling is not unlocked
illume avatarillume
Added BLEND_RGBA_* special flags for blit, and fill.
Default avatar marcus
Improved blit and fill macros for surface operations.
illume avatarillume
commented out some printf's.
illume avatarillume
1bpp fixes for blend fill from marcus
illume avatarillume
Marcus has added in blend modes for the surface.fill function.
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