pygame / test /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
illume avatarillume
Mistake in a midi test, comparing against a previously declared variable.
illume avatarillume
give more detail on a test failure
Lenard Lindstrom avatarLenard Lindstrom
fix so Python3 compiles it without errors
illume avatarillume
tests and fixes for midi. Better validation Input/Output to avoid crashes.
illume avatarillume
fix one test
illume avatarillume
Fixed the test to not fail on OSX which doesn't have midi devices by default.
illume avatarillume
shortened get_default_*_device_id to get_default_*_id
illume avatarillume
A tool for generating .doc docs from .py docstrings, and new midi.doc
illume avatarillume
Some more midi tests.
illume avatarillume
Added a few basic tests.
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