pygame /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar gamedude
Fixed color.c for Symbian
Lenard Lindstrom avatarLenard Lindstrom
merging with python3 branch r 2048
illume avatarillume
Add easier to read versions of docs in .h file at the end.
Lenard Lindstrom avatarLenard Lindstrom
Added a pygame.locals module page back into the docs
Default avatar akalias
added docs_as_dict() function to, and ability to use it when imported while getcwd() other than trunk
Default avatar marcus
Fixed typo in doc generator, added note for PixelArray
illume avatarillume
using os.path.join. Thanks DR0ID
illume avatarillume
added back in the Font.metrics documentation.
illume avatarillume
added the short description to the reference index page. thanks for the suggestion Laura Creighton
illume avatarillume
changes from philhassey for adjustments to the design
illume avatarillume
Updated header image, and docs links.
illume avatarillume
a mod by phillhassey to support his super duper new doc comments website
illume avatarillume
Added a backwards fix to allow to run on <= python2.4
Default avatar pygame
new reference documentation system
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