pygame / lib /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Lenard Lindstrom avatarLenard Lindstrom
allow all Python modules to install with Python 3.1, though some may not work correctly
illume avatarillume
bmp gives out of memory error... so use png instead.
illume avatarillume
Updated mac_scrap to pass some tests, and raise NotImplementedError otherwise.
illume avatarillume
Some mac scrap fixes from Marcus.
illume avatarillume
Some code cleanups from Marcus von Appen. min->MIN, indentation, other.
Default avatar bob
naive SCRAP_BMP support for Mac OS X
Default avatar bob
Fix Mac OS X build and scrap module
illume avatarillume
Changes for goodness. I mean, I got rid of some testing stuff in
illume avatarillume
Added macintosh scrap functions. Updated documentation so it didn't
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