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Lenard Lindstrom
Centralize common array struct interface operations in the _view module Add a C level api to _view: Pg_GetArrayInterface(PyObject *, PyObject **, PyArrayInterface **), a function to retrieve a PyArrayInterface C struct from an object, and Pg_ArrayStructAsDict(PyArrayInterface *), a function to convert a PyStructInterface value into a Python array interface dict instance. Also add a Python level _view module method, get_array_interface(obj), for unit testing of array s…
Lenard Lindstrom
remove gc calls from unit tests; if an object is not collected when its refcount reaches 0 there is a problem.
Lenard Lindstrom
Merge the buffer branch back into trunk. 1) Extend pygame.mixer.Sound() to load samples from an object with an array struct interface or the new buffer protocol. Exports an array struct interface. 2) Update sndarray to use the new Sound features on numpy arrays, removing the Python array manipulation code. 3) Add a new Type, pygame._view.View as a proxy for exporting an array struct interface. 4) Add the pygame.Surface.get_view() method,…