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pygame / test / surfarray_tags.py

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Lenard Lindstrom
Merge the surface_buffer branch back into trunk. 1) Rename module _arraysurfarray to pixelcopy, which implements array_to_surface (blit_surface), surface_to_array, and map_array. 2) Reimplement _numpysurfarray methods array2d, array3d, array_alpha, array_colorkey, and map_surface to use new pixelcopy methods. Module pixelcopy reimplements _numericsurfarray using generic copy methods that accept objects exporting an array struct interface. Along with Surface views, it moves almost all of the _numpysurfarray.py functionality into C code. pixelcopy is also independent of NumPy, so can work with other array like objects.
Lenard Lindstrom
clean up exclude tags. allow scrap_test.py to run in special cases
Lenard Lindstrom
implement *_tags.py module replacement to *_test.py level tags. Now tests for unbuilt modules can be more easily skipped. Also the IGNORE and SUBPROCESS_IGNORE black lists in test/__init__.py goes away, replaced with *_tags.py tags.