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Lenard Lindstrom
Change "face" back to "font", ( undoes part of changeset 6425e6865ce4 ) Go back to the standard definition of a computer font as a set of glyphs in a font file that can be scaled or otherwise transformed. The freetype2 module, on the other hand, uses idiosyncratic definitions of "font" and "face", where "face" means a font, and "font" a typeface.
Lenard Lindstrom
Install a freetype replacement for pygame.font if font is not built If pygame._freetype is built in place of the SDL_ttf based pygame.font extension module then replace pygame.font with ftfont.py, the freetype based equivalent. Module ftfont.py passes the font_test.py unit tests except in one case, ftfont.Font handles code points above 0xFFFF, so does not raise a UnicodeError.
Lenard Lindstrom
Add top level freetype Python modules ( refs #75 ) Rename the freetype extension module. Add freetype Python module to combine _freetype and sysfont functionality. Add ftfont Python module as a freetype drop-in replacement for pygame.font. The module defines Font, a _freetype.Face subclass that emulates class font.Font.