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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Lenard Lindstrom
Fix a _movie module bug where the module fails to build under Debian Linux because the libavformat and libswscale header subdirectories are in ffmpeg. The changes makes the module's ffmpeg includes consistent with ffmpeg itself.
Made modifications for backward compat with older ffmpeg libraries. As well, fixed bug in examples script. Did not see any crashes on the laptop, will test on the desktop.
Moved movie module documentation to the right folder, and updated header file linking.
Created a MovieInfo object, for users to "introspect" the information about a movie file, and do stuff appropriately, like durations, etc.
Altered config_unix.py and the two relevant header files to look for the relevant headers of ffmpeg in either <localbase>/<library> or <localbase>/ffmpeg. This was tested and working on Ubuntu 9.04, 8.04.
Merged tylerthemovie branch changes r2168:2614 into the trunk