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Issue #107 open

Pygame 1.9.2 release

Lenard Lindstrom
created an issue

Pygame 1.9.2 release TODO

This issue is for coordinating the release of Pygame 1.9.2.


  • Prebuilt libraries: ready for Win32, need Win64 builds.
  • Testing: Passes unit tests for Python 2.7 and Python 3.3/3.4

Issue #75 - freetype module

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  1. illume


    For the new freetype stuff, we can run them through a few games that are normally used for testing to see if they work. Perhaps asking on the mailing list for testing or a code review.

    We can use the release plan docs, which are in docs/howto_release_pygame.txt if they are still ok. Basically about two weeks of RCs and testing and announcing on the mailing list to give anyone time.

    OSX builds with new SDL. The apple pythons, and the python.org pythons.

    I'll ask Brian if we can get the build bots updating from hg or not... http://thorbrian.com/pygame/builds.php

    Doc comments... clean up included doc comments included in offline docs, so spam isn't included. Or just don't include them. Or consider using the same comment system that is used on the projects (which has really good spam prevention tools, but still allows easy commenting).

    I've resigned myself to not being able to clean up a lot of the half finished Experimental modules. They can just be released marked as Experimental, and maybe get improved apon later I think.

    Open 1.9.2 bugs... we can make a list here of the bugs, and see if there are any we can fix.


  2. Lenard Lindstrom reporter
    • freetype: The Windows prebuilts are ready for another Windows installer release. In the mailing list post I will ask users to test freetype with it.
    • Automated Build Page: I have only supplied prebuilts for Python 2.6 and up. Compiling smpeg was a problem. I finally caved in and built it separately Visual Studio. For msvcr71.dll - if we continue to build Windows installers for Python 2.4 and 2.5 - I suppose I can reuse the smpeg library from the previous Pygame release. Also, I looked at uploading the builds directly to the bitbucket download page. But I did not find an api for that.
    • Open bugs: Yes, I will go over them as well.
  3. Lenard Lindstrom reporter

    Hope to have Windows prebuilts soon for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Right now I am cross-compiling from Linux. I have only tested the 32-bit version on Wine so far. They work, though are not a drop-in replacement for the ones built on Windows XP. Next, I will test the 32-bit prebuilts on XP.

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