BufferProxy: IndexError exception thrown sporadically from _bufferproxy_write

Issue #109 resolved
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The call to PyArg_ParseTuple in _bufferproxy_write uses the wrong formatting string to fill &offset. It uses "i" which is for int, rather than "n" which is for Py_ssize_t. http://docs.python.org/c-api/arg.html

sizeof(Py_ssize_t) on x86_64 is 8, whereas sizeof(int) is 4. If PyArg_ParseTuple is given an "i" it will fill the least-significant (on little-endian) four bytes of the variable, leaving the most-significant untouched. This bug probably wasn't visible on 32-bit x86, where they are both 4 bytes wide.

The end result of this is that _bufferproxy_write ends up throwing a Python IndexError exception sporadically (whenever the uninitialized bytes are not zero) when the arguments passed are otherwise valid.

To reproduce on an x86_64 machine, call it repeatedly until some non-zero garbage value happens to occupy the more significant bytes of offset when _bufferproxy_write is called. {{{ s = some_surface_or_sound data = some_string_that_should_fit_in_the_buffer encountered = False while not encountered: try: s.get_buffer.write(data, 0) except IndexError: encountered = True }}} A fix is attached.

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  1. lifning reporter

    If 2.4 support ends up being an issue, a slightly more hackish fix that should be compatible would be to initialize that variable to 0 where it is declared.

  2. cgohlke

    How about the proposed change to src/color.c? I have not looked at it in detail, but Py_ssize_t might be unnecessary for a value in range(1, 5). In any case, the current code needs attention for x64.

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