Update Buildbot to to work with HG.

Issue #111 wontfix
René Dudfield created an issue

We need to patch the buildbot source to work with the new hg bitbucket repository.

Here is the source:


For this buildbot page:


This will help heaps for automating pygame builds and testing.

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  1. Lenard Lindstrom

    I had hoped the buildbot could upload the installers directly to bitbucket. But I did not see anything in the bitbucket api for adding files to the download section. Maybe it is just ftp or something.

  2. René Dudfield reporter
    • changed status to open

    I asked the bitbucket people again about a file upload API...

    A better other option might be to just use a separate hg repo for download files. This might be easier to sync with the website too... since the website would just pull from the hg repo to sync. Rather than me having to finish a download and sync script for the download page.

  3. Thomas Kluyver

    If we want to resurrect the custom buildbot, why not put the code for that in its own repo, so that it's obvious how to help improve it?

  4. René Dudfield reporter

    Putting the downloads into a repo is now issue #152.

    Yeah, the buildbot code should be in a repository under the pygame team.

  5. René Dudfield reporter

    There is a repo for the 'pygamebuilder' now under the pygame team at https://bitbucket.org/pygame/pygamebuilder

    So I think anyone on the pygame team should be able to modify it.

    There is just a dump of the code provided on the build bot page at the moment. That code is for the builders, not for displaying the results.

    There are a few parts to this really:

    • The webpage which stores, and correlates the results.
    • the code which does the build, then uploads.
    • code which inspects or gets called back from a build service, then grabs results for upload.

    There will be a separate 'downloads' repo for pygame releases, and one for builds + test results -- rather than the previous plan of just storing them together.

    Since we have some other build services set up now (travis-ci, and launchpad), it would be good to at least link to them off the web page which collects the results.

  6. Thomas Kluyver

    Just to keep this updated: the buildbot code has now been updated, but the new version hasn't yet been deployed to the SAAPBP.

  7. René Dudfield reporter

    I sent an email to Brian (the maintainer of that page) asking him if he is still ok with running it, and telling him about your patch :)

  8. Thomas Kluyver

    Do we still want to resurrect the SAAPBP? We now have builds going on on Travis, Launchpad and Appveyor. Unless there's some special testing we can do by setting up a custom build system, I think it's probably not worth the maintenance.

  9. René Dudfield reporter

    Now that travisci has macosx builds I don't think it's needed. If someone wants to put in the effort for other platforms, then we can reconsider. Additionally, the build badges in the readme.rst show the build status. So it's easy for people to see if they broke something.

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