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After scrap.put(mimetype, text) is used, Scrap.get(mimetype) returns None and scrap.get_types() a empty list when clipboard is altered by a external app.

To Reproduce:

Running the example, things work till you press 'p' to put data on clipboard. After this point if you copy something(text) to the clipboard by a external application and in this app press 'g' to get the clipboard contents. you get blank after the line "Getting the different clipboard data.."

Envoirnment:: python: 2.7.2 pygame 1.9.1 Kernel: kernel-desktop-3.3.0-0.rc7.1.mga2 kde: 4.8.1, and icewn-light x11-server-xorg 1.11.4 Distro: Mageia 2(cauldron) Architecture: x86_64

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  1. Michael Rochester

    I have tested this and cannot reproduce the error. The srap module is tempremental on differeni operating systems. However, if you were to visit the mailing list you may find someone with a simerlar system to test it on.

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