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Tom C created an issue

Currently sprites in a group are drawn from the top-left corner of the Rect, which works fine, until the Rect needs to be bigger or smaller than the image.

I have a proposal that could provide an effective fix to this:

Have a HitBox class that stores the size of the hitbox (possibly as a Rect) and references the sprites position. The group's draw function can then be called using the HitBox instance's referenced position instead of a standard Rect. When collision methods are called, they use the HitBox's own Rect instance.

With this improvement the programmer could still use a Rect if they don't need the more advanced HitBox, and compatibility with old code would be retained.

If people think this would be a good idea I'd be happy to upload some modified source to provide the functionality.

More info: The HitBox class could also incorporate custom anchor points, instead of just the top-left corner, but I think someone might be doing that for the GSoC as well. It could be useful to contact him.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    You can actually assign rect positions more effectively by assigning coordinates to their .center attribute, at which point non-centered anchors are just a matter of punching in some arithmetic alongside the coordinates during assignment (for example, = (player.x + 10, player.y)).

  2. Tom C reporter

    Presumably the image is drawn at the top left of the hitbox, but what if they want it to be in a different place? Each blit call would have to take the top left coords and add an offset to them, which means you've now got 2 vectors floating around, 1 for the hitbox anchor (relative tot he window) and one for the image anchor (relative to the hitbox topleft)

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