Wiki website generation from wiki repo.

Issue #153 resolved
René Dudfield created an issue

The wiki pages need to be generated based on the wiki repository hg repository hosted at bitbucket.

  • remove all spam again from wiki (or try our best).
  • convert html2rst (now that bitbucket wiki supports rst).
  • generate the html with rst2html or some such code.
  • Given an input html file, insert the wiki content into the html. This is so the wiki content can live with the rest of the site.
  • generate the correct(valid) file names, and any apache rewrite rules needed (eg 'wiki/Home' would go to the wiki/Home.html file).
  • add nofollow links for spam prevention.
  • add a table of contents for the html page based on headers.
  • add edit links and instructions, which explain how to edit (either through the web at the bitbucket website, or via a fork and pull request).
  • when the hg repo is given an update, the syncing code should run.

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  1. Radomir Dopieralski

    By the way, did you consider using a real wiki engine instead? I'm an author of the Hatta wiki engine, which uses a hg repository for storing the pages, and uses WikiCreole (as close as practical, anyways) for the markup. It already has some useful features, including spam protection support in the form of a captcha (recaptcha). I will gladly help to adapt it for PyGame if there is a need for that too!

  2. René Dudfield reporter

    Ah interesting.

    The current plan was to use the bitbucket wiki engine, and to generate html for the main website. Bitbucket stores the files in a repo, but allows editing through the web too. People would go to the bitbucket page to edit the wiki rather than through the website. Or they would just edit it in their text editors. The idea was to take advantage of the bitbucket improvements to the wiki, and their integration into the rest of the bitbucket platform.

    Spam prevention is also very important. It sounds like your wiki has that covered :) Bitbucket also seems to do a good job at spam prevention.

    Not having to maintain the wiki is important. Especially if I can avoid having to maintain a long running process. Generating static html files would be really nice, as well to integrate into the rest of the website, and to reduce server requirements.

    It seems Bitbucket added support for writing pages in rst finally ( just found that out now). The existing wiki is in html, but we also did a conversion to creol a number of months ago. However it would be nice if it was in rst because the documentation is in rst (meaning one less doc language for people to master). Perhaps we can even bundle the wiki with the rest of the docs if it is in rst.

  3. Radomir Dopieralski

    Is the converted wiki content available somewhere? One of my side projects is a WikiCreole parser, and I'm sure I can write an automatic converter to ReStructuredText.

  4. René Dudfield reporter


    it's in the wiki on bitbucket: There is a clone button on there.

    If you volunteer to do the creole to rst, then I reckon that's definitely the way to go :)

    However, I think people kept editing the html on wiki... So maybe the html is better to use as the source, rather than the creole? When you do a clone, you will see the creole ones with a .wiki extension, and the rst ones with a .rst extension (there is only one .rst file). There have also been a few changes on the bitbucket wiki. I can manually bring the changes in from either one, depending on which way we go.

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