Events have a "type" attribute, which is not clearly mentioned in the documentation

Issue #166 resolved
Abhas Bhattacharya created an issue

In events documentation page ( ), it is mentioned that every "event" object has a "event type", but the name of the attribute is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation. The name of the attribute is "type", which the reader has to usually guess. So, please add a line clearly mentioning that the event type attribute is called type.

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  1. Lenard Lindstrom

    Better document EventType properties: closes issue #166

    Separately document class pygame.event.EventType, listing its two properties. Update the rest of the event module document to use EventType in place of Event, the factory function that returns EventType instances. As a side effect, several spelling errors were corrected. This changeset is not an exhaustive edit of event.rst.

    → <<cset 12de2da43ecb>>

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