Test_freetype_Font_get_rect fails with freetype-2.5.1

Issue #186 closed
cgohlke created an issue

Using freetype-2.5.1, the following test fails on Windows (any Python version). Using freetype-2.4.12, the test passes:

FAIL: FreeTypeFontTest.test_freetype_Font_get_rect
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "X:\Python33\lib\site-packages\pygame\tests\freetype_test.py", line 434, in test_freetype_Font_get_rect
    self.assertNotEqual(size_utf16[0], size_utf32[0]);
AssertionError: -1 == -1

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  1. Lenard Lindstrom

    Close Issue #186

    Fix faulty unit test in freetype_test.py. When the freetype.Font.get_size() method was replaced to get_rect(), the assertions in the the surrogate pair test were not changed to compare Rects rather that (w, h) tuples.

    → <<cset 727f7033ffe6>>

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