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René Dudfield created an issue

Edit: Any python related music is welcome :)

I need help to make a playlist of game music from some play lists to add to the new website...

Want your own music on there? Or do you like music from one of the games listed on Any other game music you like? I'll love to add some of P2Es stuff from Solar wolf :) Perhaps some stuff from Dance Dance revolution... Also, some of the early Galcon music might be fun if Phil is ok with that. I've got a few tracks of my own I'd like on there :)

I need some of this info to do it.

  • Game page URL (project page on if possible)
  • URL for mp3/ogg/wav/.mod
  • permission to have it play on
  • name of author/copyright holder.

Please no email addresses in this issue.

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  1. René Dudfield reporter

    Thanks Juan! You don't have the .wav or whatever the original format is do you? I have to transcode to .mp3 for devices that don't support .ogg. Otherwise I'll try to do as best a conversion I can :)

  2. Juan Martínez

    I don't think I have the original .XM file I'm afraid as it was a jam game some time ago :(

    You can convert the ogg to wav and then encode to mp3 and it'll be fine. It's not hi-fi music after all ;)

  3. René Dudfield reporter

    [08:29:20] <P2E> there's like, synrg and 6jan2002 in pydance [08:29:24] <P2E> 3 songs in solar wolf [08:29:41] <P2E> a song in 4st attack [08:29:57] <P2E> a song in xpuyopuyo if you want a non-pygame thing [08:31:10] <P2E> will the music player link to an actual site or anything? [08:50:53] <P2E> anyway, if you hack in links, it'd be cool to have it link to

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