VIDEORESIZE only issued once, further resizes are ignored

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Touch Tone created an issue

When using a RESIZABLE mode, the VIDEORESIZE event is only sent once, any further window resizes are ignored.

To reproduce: just run the VIDEORESIZE example ( and resize the window twice.

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  1. Peter Finlayson

    Out of interest, I tried to reproduce this problem on my system (Windows, Python 2.7.9, the pygame build from the download section. I was unable to reproduce the problem. The window and picture resized correctly every time.

  2. Dominic Santos

    Hi, I recently made the move from windows to linux, I can confirm I never had this problem on windows 7 or 10 but on linux (namely 4.4.0-51-generic GNU/Linux) I ran into a couple of problems.

    When using the flag RESIZABLE: - Maximize and resume buttons must be pressed various times and only every 2nd or 3rd press will it change the video size, but the screen size always changes. - Dragging the sized to resize works fine, when dragging a corner it never works, and after the video resize event is never found again, the way I fix this while testing I bind key_0 to a set_mode forcing it to any size and it will then resume as normal and can be resized.

  3. primexandy

    I can confirm VIDEORESIZE event works in Win 10 but not on Fedora 26 (latest updates), pygame (latest pip3 install) python 3.6 (latest dnf update). It partial works by clicking on the title bar of the window (ie, sometimes works). Resizing using the corner of the window tries to work, once in a while does, but also resizes wrongly, but normally doesn't resize at all (over all window resizes but not content because event.h and event.w don't update).

    I tried slowing the script down, using clock frame rate. Spent hours working out what maybe wrong, then found this page :)

  4. Helmut M

    Same problem here on Ubuntu Mate 17.10 / Python 3.6.3 / pygame 1.9.3. The VIDEORESIZE event is only thrown a very limited amount of times. Usually resizing it only vertically / horizontally works for a while, but diagonally breaks it completely.

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