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VIDEORESIZE only issued once, further resizes are ignored

Touch Tone
created an issue

When using a RESIZABLE mode, the VIDEORESIZE event is only sent once, any further window resizes are ignored.

To reproduce: just run the VIDEORESIZE example ( and resize the window twice.

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  1. Dominic Santos

    Hi, I recently made the move from windows to linux, I can confirm I never had this problem on windows 7 or 10 but on linux (namely 4.4.0-51-generic GNU/Linux) I ran into a couple of problems.

    When using the flag RESIZABLE: - Maximize and resume buttons must be pressed various times and only every 2nd or 3rd press will it change the video size, but the screen size always changes. - Dragging the sized to resize works fine, when dragging a corner it never works, and after the video resize event is never found again, the way I fix this while testing I bind key_0 to a set_mode forcing it to any size and it will then resume as normal and can be resized.

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