Pygame Website outdated - can you help??

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Hi there!

Just found this site and downloaded the new version of Pygame, it's awesome, thank you! Finally, the Joystick module doesn't print to the console anymore - that's amazing!

But my main concern is this:

Who actually updates the Pygame homepage itself ? I mean the site is a MESS..?! Can you people do something about that? I mean you cannot even delete an old project completely and you can't even sign up anymore either (!), there's no forum, the download area is kinda 5 years old..... etc etc etc... Can you Guys help?? It really HURTS me seeing the Pygame webpage dying ! Whom can I contact?

cheers, Don Polettone

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  1. Don Polettone

    Hi Jason,

    thanks for answering and for the links! Just signed up for bitbucket. I am using Pygame quite often and I have downloaded the updated version 1.9.2a0 - it's great so far, gonna keep on using it. Keep up the good work! If find any bugs I will report em! Hope the new website is going to rock! If I can help somehow, let me know.

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