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Pygame on Mac OSX: extended image support seems to be missing

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I've built pygame on OSX 10.9 through multiple venues (Homebrew, pip, building directly from the source) and regardless of how I do it, pygame will not be built with extended image support (i.e. calling pygame.image.get_extended() will return 0 and attempting to load .png or .tif images will raise an error). I have all of the SDL libraries installed to /usr/local/lib/ with all of their headers in /usr/loca/include/. Of note, this is what running the script returns:

Hunting dependencies...
SDL     : found 1.2.15
Framework SDL not found
FONT    : found
Framework SDL_ttf not found
IMAGE   : found
Framework SDL_image not found
MIXER   : found
Framework SDL_mixer not found
SMPEG   : found 0.4.5
Framework smpeg not found
Framework CoreMIDI found
Framework QuickTime found
PNG     : found
JPEG    : not found
FREETYPE: found 2.5.3
AVFORMAT: not found
SWSCALE : not found

If you get compiler errors during install, doublecheck
the compiler flags in the "Setup" file.

which I assume means that the SDL libraries in /usr/local/lib were found, but nothing was found in /Library/Frameworks.

If anyone has gotten extended image support on OSX, or if it is even supported on OSX, clarification would be much appreciated

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