Keyboard randomly stops working when mode is set multiple times

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See this post:

In summary, if pygame.display.set_mode is called after it has already been called, it often causes the keyboard input to stop working. The game still otherwise runs as normal, and the mouse continues to work. This bug does not affect Pygame 1.9.1. I don't know about pre-releases that were labeled "1.9.2a0", since I'm running the latest code from this repository.

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  1. Eilidh Fridlington

    I'm glad someone else has run into this. I posted a message to the pygame-users email group regarding it but nobody replied; and also on Stackoverflow with the same result.

    The bug appears on:

    Ubuntu 14.04, pygame 1.9.1

    openSuSE 13.2, pygame 1.9.1

    But not on:

    Debian Wheezy, pygame 1.9.1

    Fedora 21, pygame 1.9.1

    The reference you've made to the posting at suggests it to be an SDL issue - and from my own testing seems to stem from ASLA / Pulseaudio not playing nicely with SDL_mixer.

    I can confirm and reproduce the bug but am unable to point a finger squarely at Pygame as being the problem as its version 1.9.1 that works, and doesn't, depending on the Linux distro being used.

    I can also confirm that calling set_mode more than once is the kiss of death.


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