Debian python 3 package for 1.9.2.

Issue #221 resolved
René Dudfield created an issue

This issue is to track a python 3 package for Debian, Ubuntu, and Raspbian.

  • depends on 1.9.2 release coming out.
  • get in contact with listed maintainers. Maybe get help from Raspbian community.
  • there's already a launchpad PPA (
  • create a debian/ubuntu/raspbian issue to track.
  • check python 3.4 support.

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  1. Vincent Cheng

    There's already been a working python3 package for pygame available in Debian experimental for over a year ([1] for the initial upload, and [2] for the current packaging scripts in svn), so everything is done on the packaging front. I can make an upload for Debian unstable once 1.9.2 is out, and Ubuntu/Raspbian will sync the package on their own schedules, so the only thing blocking this is the actual 1.9.2 release.



  2. Thomas Kluyver

    @vincent-c - 1.9.3 has now been released, if you're still interested in uploading it in Debian.

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