Wheel format for pip and pypi

Issue #222 resolved
René Dudfield created an issue

Wheels allow installing binary packages with pip.


On OS X, this may involve moving the Framework dependencies inside of the pygame package. Rather than having them install into separate locations. I'm thinking this is the right approach for the .dmg OS X installers too.

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  1. Paul Craven

    I got this to work as part of an Appveyor build here.

    Not sure of the best way to handle prebuilt directory and files. Looking into that now.

  2. Paul Craven

    I have learned that our current setup.py file will build binary wheels for Python 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3. But NOT 3.4. Our setup.py is in an older format and starting with wheels in 3.4 it won't recognize it. I'm now trying to come up with a setup.py that Python 3.4 likes.

  3. Paul Craven

    For example, see here. The 3.4 build fails because bdist_wheel isn't recognized. A confusing error because wheel is installed. It will work with a sample setup.py file though.

  4. Paul Moore

    Wheels also allow for installing in a virtualenv, which MSI and bdist installers don't. Please provide wheels to cover this use case.

  5. René Dudfield reporter

    We're trying to figure out a method for binary wheels on debian/ubuntu linux. A bit unsure how to achieve this so far, but searching around the internets.

    @takluyver did you start some work on 'manylinux' or other binary wheel things on linux? I thought you did, but can't find the issue where you were working on it.

  6. Thomas Kluyver

    Yep, it's issue #295, and the manylinux-wheels branch on my fork.

    It uses the machinery from here to build wheels in docker; this allows it to compile with an old version of core libraries like libc, so that it can work on the range of linux distributions implied by 'manylinux1'. I have been able to build wheels, but there are still several test failures (described in #295) and I'm not sure how to fix them.

    Unless we understand how to fix them, I would not block the 1.9.2 release on making Linux wheels; it's a problem that can be solved another day.

  7. Thomas Kluyver

    The betas on PyPI have mostly been experimentation with making wheels for different platforms, and the Linux wheels are the ones we worked on most recently. There are Windows wheels back at beta 1: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Pygame/1.9.2b1

    The code in these won't be much different from the latest beta, because most of the changes have been to the machinery to build wheels.

    When 1.9.2 is (eventually) released, it should have wheels for all three of the major platforms.

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