New version scheme to match pep 0440

Issue #223 resolved
René Dudfield created an issue

There is a new version scheme for python packages, and how pygame is doing it does not fit. It appears to be breaking pip as well.

If the 'pre' names in the release are breaking pip, then we should change our versioning scheme, and not list those files.

I think they should be "1.9.2.dev1" for what is now the 1.9.2pre, and "1.9.2.rc1" for the release candidates. I'd appreciate someone else confirming this is ok by checking pep 0440.

@mgedmin you seem to know about this?

Unfortunately "1.9.2.dev1" > "1.9.2pre" == False, but I can live with this breakage, since it will only effect the 1.9.2pre pre-release builds. Since installing pygame with pip is already broken, I'm not sure that needs consideration.

When decided docs/howto_release_pygame.txt needs to be updated.

How does this work with .msi files on windows? This seems to be picky about version names already. I think it would be ok to use our current workarounds, but maybe we can do better and use the actual version names.

How does it affect brew/fink and other packaging systems that are packaging 1.9.2pre already? I think they should be fine, since they don't tie the versions the software they are packaging to the version number the package uses itself.

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  1. René Dudfield reporter

    Does this change work with building msi's? Before we needed that hack to change the version so they would work.

    What should we have for releases? I guess just X.Y.Z Not X.Y.Zrelease. I don't think the release part is compatible with pep 0440.

  2. Paul Craven

    Do you remember what was the issue was with msi files? I can give them a try.

    From the web page, it looks like we could do:

    • 1.9.2.dev1
    • 1.9.2.dev2
    • 1.9.2.a1
    • 1.9.2.b1
    • 1.9.2.rc1
    • 1.9.2
    • 1.9.2.post1
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