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René Dudfield created an issue

raw_input is used to get feedback on the install

However it seems to have issues with pip. See #59 comment from @mgedmin

A possible fix is: "abstain from asking questions with raw_input if sys.stdout is not a terminal." How to do this cross platform reliably I'm not sure.

Maybe raw_input can just be removed, and better messaging, or a separate script or command can help people configure. python configure or some such.

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  1. Marius Gedminas

    My experiments show that sys.stdout.isatty() works on Windows, so it should be sufficiently cross-platform.

  2. Andy Halstead

    I fixed this by changing raw_input to input and adding this right before the relevant lines:

    try: input = raw_input
    except NameError: pass

    may not be the best solution, but worked for me in both 2.x and 3.x after those changes.

  3. Marius Gedminas

    I believe this issue is about stopping to ask questions during install time (which makes pip install appear to hang), not about Python 3 compat.

  4. Paul Moore

    For pip install to work, the must run non-interactively. So yes, the issue here is that using (raw_)input when being run as a subprocess will hang a pip install.

    Python 3 compatibility, while important for other reasons, is not what causes the issues.

    (Providing binary wheels will also help, as pip does not run when there's a binary available).

  5. René Dudfield reporter

    Setup/configure shouldn't prompt for input when non-interactive

    We should check isatty() before calling input().

    There are still some cases in that prompt - I wasn't sure what to do there. But I think most people running into this are probably on Unix, for which this should resolve it.

    Closes #224 Closes #250

    → <<cset a46c0aeb905f>>

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