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Issue #241 resolved
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import as music The module music.set_pos can't be loaded, but get_pos() can. Because, time) does the job as well this is not important, but the documentation entry is irritating and, time) only takes seconds so milliseconds precise playback can't be done which is needed for e.g. a music player. But because I guess millisecond precise playback is difficult with streamed music removing the doc entry should be fine or music.set_pos(time) will only call, time).

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  1. Lenard Lindstrom

    Expand the docs for Resolve Issue #241

    Note that set_pos() was added to Pygame 1.9.2. Also elaborate on the use of the "pos" argument for supported file types (taken from SDL_mixer 1.2.10 doc for Mix_SetMusicPosition).

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