Wrong resolution unless you use Ctypes

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Miguel Ángel Prosper created an issue

Unless you use Ctypes with that code the resolution gets mess up.

Original.png Fix.png

Note: The windows GUI scale it set to 150%, but still if I open a 1920x1080 Picture you will see it correctly (not as it was zoomed).

If you think that's correct, as it scale as windows says, can you add a flag that makes pygamae ignore it (and show it at the actual size).

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  1. Miguel Ángel Prosper reporter

    It does fix it to use 100% scale. But on you screen 100% it's default (you can see the screen fine), but in my one it's 150% default. So the 100% too me looks super super tiny.

    So if a pygame.WINDOWS_IGNORE_SCALE flag was added it will be fine for me, because if not its look as you stretch an image to 150% (And that looks awful).

    Note: I'm not english, I try to write in english.

  2. Jason Marshall

    Some developers may want the Windows GUI to scale their Python application's window automatically, so I do not think that SetProcessDPIAware should be called automatically during pygame initialization. Instead, I propose that we add your code to the scripts in the examples directory and warn developers of the Windows GUI's stretching feature in the pygame documentation. What do you think of this proposal?

  3. Miguel Ángel Prosper reporter

    It's fine. Meanwhile I did other things in my program and I found a way to make it look fine even with the Zoom factor.

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