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Issue #250 closed
René Fleschenberg created an issue

Line 159 of calls config.main(). Line 222 of triggers an interactive prompt unless -auto is in sys.argv.

There is no way to pass -auto via, since setuptools does not support that.

This is extremely annoying for anyone who has to install pygame non-interactively, e.g. for automated deployments or when using CI systems such as tox. Please remove the interactive prompt.

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  1. Daniel Foerster

    The obvious workaround is to run ./ -auto or ./configure before running, but pip does not do that. If were to simply sys.argv.remove('-auto') after importing and running config, this problem would be solved.

  2. René Dudfield

    Setup/configure shouldn't prompt for input when non-interactive

    We should check isatty() before calling input().

    There are still some cases in that prompt - I wasn't sure what to do there. But I think most people running into this are probably on Unix, for which this should resolve it.

    Closes #224 Closes #250

    → <<cset a46c0aeb905f>>

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