pygame.display.update(Rect) updates the whole screen

Issue #251 closed
Richard Lange created an issue

I am using Mac OS 10.10, python 3.3, and pygame 1.9.2,. The issue is that update(rect) behaves just like update()

Some others have had the same problem:

on stack exchange

on dreamincode

(the user on dreamincode solved it by switching back to python 2.7, which doesn't seem like a sustainable solution)

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  1. Richard Lange reporter

    I did some digging into display.c and found that SDL_UpdateRect() is, in fact, getting called with all the right values. Maybe this is a problem with SDL, not with PyGame

  2. Richard Lange reporter

    Switching to SDL2 and pygame_sdl2 appears to have fixed things... I doubt anything can be done from within this project to address this. Feel free to close this issue (I am not doing so myself just to be sure the repo owners see it)

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