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Issue #258 wontfix
David Eyk created an issue

Something is very strange with the scrolling on the new "hifi" website, and it's nearly unusable: I typically switch interchangeably between mousewheel scrolling, arrow key scrolling, and pageup/pagedown scrolling, and this website has some sort of weird stateful scrolling such that when I touch a key, it animates the scroll to a random spot near the top.

I realize it's trendy at the moment to do "useful" things to scrolling via javascript, but these "useful" things always end up violating the Principle of Least Surprise, and end up being much harder to control than the standard OS behavior.

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  1. René Dudfield


    the 'lofi' version is the least surprising normal website type view.

    This version is by design supposed to be different. Other surprising game like elements are planned. Sorry.

    It might be nice to handle the issue you're encountering more nicely though. I can't reproduce the going to random spot the top part, but I don't have a scroll wheel mouse with me now so maybe it's got to do with that.


  2. Rudinei Goi Roecker

    Sorry but I think websites should not be that different, the hifi version is hard for newcomers to find the documentation.

    Have you tried using the website on a smartphone? It's nearly impossible, sometimes it scrolls horizontally when you are trying to scroll vertically, and some links like readme and install (about section) are covered by the right scroll arrow.

  3. Don Polettone

    I must agree here. Even if the old website has not been updated for ages, the look and feel is much better. It's far more user-friendly and behaves as you would expect it.

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