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Issue #259 resolved
Tom Rothamel created an issue

It's insanely difficult to download pygame from the new website. One has to scroll horizontally 11 times, to find the downloads link - which happens to be broken at the moment, so downloading is impossible.

Since this is one of the main use cases for the site, it should be made more prominent - this should probably be on the first page, above "the fold".

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  1. René Dudfield

    Thanks. The link is fixed.

    I'm considering making things like "docs", "install" more easily find able "above the fold". A "Getting started" type section seems appropriate, and this is what I've been working on designs for.

    Installing pygame should not really require a download these days, but should go towards the package manager (pip, apt-get, etc) or already be installed.

    Issue #152 is about fixing the downloads part.

    Searching for "downloads" returns the downloads page as the first result, so that's good at least.

  2. micah page

    I find downloads to be crucial. Especially if you are trying to mingle python versions with certain pygame versions. I always install pygame to a new distro via download. I don't use pip, and some distros repository have an outdated pygame. It was only a year or two ago that Ubuntu's repository even got pygame/python3x repos. And no main stream Linux distros that I am aware of have pygame cluttering initial install of the OS. Even if most use pip, there should still be an option to download. Or at the very least a link to the downloads at bitbucket and a link to the wheels downloads.

  3. René Dudfield

    There's a link to "getting started" at the front which will be the guide for installing pygame (amongst other things).

    #152 is about fixing the downloads section, so closing this issue.

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