Issues with hifi website

Issue #260 closed
Daniel Foerster created an issue

A website about Pygame still needs to act like a website.

  • Unnecessary bandwidth-snarfing auto-preloading music is unnecessary.
  • I found the horizontal scrolling to be rather fragile: I ended up with my anchor clicks obscuring part of an edge column. Horizontal scrolling is a Bad Thing anyways; why aren't those sections individual pages?
  • Pygame isn't just about games.
  • On my screen (15" 1366x768), the columns are very narrow and cramped; the reddit widget doesn't even fit completely on the screen, yet there is a full inch of margin on the other side. Some sections need to pick a primary column and sidebar everything else, while others should perhaps drop the columns and go entirely vertical (here's looking at you, "learn"....)
  • Speaking of "learn", why isn't it the primary page?

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