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Wazu Baba created an issue

I don't know where to begin. This is a massive step backwards. It took me ~2.5 minutes to even figure out where the documentation was, and I am quite used to navigating the bowels of strange sites, often in languages I cannot read and most of which google translate cannot fully translate on the page. That is a MASSIVE problem when the website is about a library for a programming language.

Your scrolling is utterly insane, and the layout is horribly scattered in seemingly random clusters. It's a giant, confusing mess. I felt like I was going cross-eyed trying to figure out what was where.

I respect the wish to try to take new approaches, as I myself do so quite frequently, but this is not a good approach. I cannot see any scenario (other than perhaps mobile, which to be fair I have never been in this area and therefore have no knowledge, and honestly I don't see a scenario where someone is coding a game from mobile) where this website would work.

I apologize if this seems abrasive, I am merely trying to offer my own criticism.

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  1. Adam Bolte

    I have to agree. When I saw it, for a minute I thought I was no longer on the official site. When I double-checked everything, I immediately decided to take the time to report the issue only to find it has already been reported here.

    Interestingly, when I found the link to the original version, my spouse said (from across the room) "Ohh that's a nice looking site!", and when I showed what replaced it, the response was "What...?!". I didn't ask for comments or anything to get those reactions.

    The horizontal scroll is especially a problem, because it doesn't work at all with NoScript (and I didn't even know it was possible until I looked at the site in a different browser). Without JavaScript enabled, the site is completely broken (but not in an obvious way). I also especially don't like enabling JavaScript on websites that don't use HTTPS because the content can easily be injected to do something malicious, so I feel the new approach is unnecessarily dangerous.

    The download link still takes you to the old interface, which is quite jarring.

  2. drwuro

    The whole site is a piece of... bitterness.

    I don't even know where to start. Well, maybe with the question, what's the different between "make" and "create".

    Honestly I have no idea where to find what, and even if I just browse through everything, it's really hard to find what I'm looking for. Glad that the old website is still online...

  3. Da-Jin Chu

    Indeed... I honestly thought the domain had been lost... and replaced by someone trying to demonstrate web design bad practices.

    It's cool and flashy, but the usability might be the worst I've ever seen.

  4. Martine Hokker

    I was looking for the library distribution for win32. Opening the page, I see screenshots on the leftmost column, and understand it isn't where the doc must be. I noticed the text in the about column being cut in the middle of the column, but my browser isn't displaying any horizontal scrollbar. I guessed this is was a CSS failure, since the tweets, reddit and videos were empty.

    I read the news about the old website version and open it in another tab. I then notice the music player at the top, play a nifty music. I notice the keyboard arrows, press the down arrow to scroll and see horribly slow scrolling, so I get my hand back on my mouse. I scroll about 10 screens of only the leftmost column with any content, no footer to get to a useful page. I notice the grey arrow on grey background that's staying in a fixed position: it's behaving like an ad that's broken by an adblocker, so I ignore it.

    The desaturated menu is the last thing I noticed. I clicked on 'learn', and experienced a nauseating jagged horizontal scrolling.

    I'm sorry for the effort the team put in making this website, but this is an horrible experience.

  5. MU Software

    @ijklm Actually, they don't have any will to change that.(They're lov'in it!)
    So, why don't we just give up, partner?

  6. drwuro

    It's really, really sad. It will for sure turn off a lot of people (and it does already).

    Maybe our comments are still too nice...

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