Up/down keyboard arrows at the top of site are useless

Issue #270 wontfix
AlSweigart created an issue

The keyboard arrows at the top of the site are useless to use in the down direction. Once you click on down, the page scrolls down and they go off the screen. So effectively you can only press it once.

The Up arrow key is even worse: The only time it's visible is when you are already at the top of the site, and can't scroll up anymore.

The left & right buttons are redundant for the buttons on the left & right sides of the screen. I'd recommend removing the keyboard keys altogether since they take up significant prime screen real estate.

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  1. ServalKatze

    How about making these buttons a bit smaller and adding some text like "You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll/pan the page?" - I just noticed there's a tooltip but that's easy to miss because the moment you click the tooltip is gone.

    Or remove the buttons altogether because as soon as you use them to scroll down they become invisible and useless, anyway?

    For you it may be obvious why these buttons are there but a casual visitor may only look at them, try to click on them and wonder "What is this? Is this broken?"

    Evidently, at least two people got confused by it, so please consider changing that. ;)

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