Category names are vague and not useful

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Blake O'Hare created an issue

This is really bad because not all subcategories are always visible until you start panning. Particularly on a mobile device, only one sub-category shows at a time and so you have to essentially browse all the subcategories if it's not clear which category contains the information you need. Make and Create are nearly identical synonyms. If create only has a download link, it should say "Download". Documentation cannot be found unless you start reading into the body of text, which you should not need to do because that's what category headings are for.

There are certain key-phrases that people are accustomed to skimming for when browsing a website. When these are missing, the user is forced to read carefully through all the content. The longer it takes to find something that should be simple (such as a documentation link or download link) it becomes frustrating.

Suggested top-level categories:

  • show -> News
  • learn -> Tutorials & Resources
  • ... -> Documentation
  • make -> Source & Issues
  • create -> Download
  • collaborate -> Community
  • awesome -> Project Showcase

I feel that the documentation link being prominent and top level is essential as this is probably what most users are looking for when they visit the site.

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