hifi website looks like it was hijacked by spammers

Issue #279 wontfix
Shawn Betts created an issue

my first thought upon visiting your new website was "woops must have clicked the wrong link". No the URL was correct. So I thought pygame had been abandoned and I was looking at a "this domain is for sale" page. Nope. There's python related stuff here. Maybe it's a very sneaky for-sale website that is luring me into clicking spam.

I am in complete disbelief that this is the front page for a mature library like pygame.

3 things I want when I visit the website:

  1. confirmation that I'm at the canonical source of pygame related information.

  2. downloads for the latest builds and source

  3. documentation

What I find instead is a shitstorm of auto-generated content and a navigation system that thwarts my attempts to get those 3 things.

As a typical user your website fails to deliver what I want.

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