Unable to change project screenshot on pygame.org

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Josh Bartlett created an issue

I am the maintainer of the entry on pygame.org for the game Trosnoth. I attempted to upload a new screenshot using the edit project link (http://www.pygame.org/members/projects/1305/edit.php). I cannot seem to get the new screenshot to be used for the project. I made sure I did a full browser refresh using shift+ctrl+r in case the issue was local caching, but this did not seem to have an effect.

One odd thing that I notice that is probably related: when I try to upload a PNG image as a screenshot, the project screenshot reverts to using a very old PNG screenshot. When I try to upload a JPG screenshot, the project screenshot changes to an old but slightly more recent JPG screenshot.

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  1. Josh Bartlett reporter

    Where are website issues now being tracked? Where is the appropriate place to reports such bugs now?

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