Can`t Create new account to submit new projects

Issue #290 resolved
Lucas Siqueira created an issue

When I try to create an account on

The following error is displayed:

Ooops! This feature has been disabled.

Please report this error to the webmaster.

function    line    file    class   type    args

include 5   /home/pygame/pygameweb/frontend/www/login.php           Array ( [0] => /home/pygame/pygameweb/frontend/www/_redir.php )

inc_incfile 57  /home/pygame/pygameweb/frontend/www/_redir.php          Array ( [0] => login/new.php [1] => Array ( ) )

include 19  /home/pygame/pygameweb/frontend/www/siteswing/inc/inc2.php          Array ( [0] => /home/pygame/pygameweb/frontend/www/siteswing/inc/common/login/new.php )

fusedie 7   /home/pygame/pygameweb/frontend/www/siteswing/inc/common/login/new.php          Array ( [0] => This feature has been disabled. )

Comments (7)

  1. Jonathan Richards

    I'm having the same issue. I have several games I would like to post, but I can't because I can't register! Is there any other website that allows me to post my pygame creations?

  2. Thomas Kluyver

    There's a secret signup link - I don't know it, but if you post to the pygame mailing list, someone will probably share it with you. They disabled new accounts because of issues with spam, sadly.

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